Guide to Your First Time at a Music Festival +

Before the fest:

Learn whether the fest you’re attending is one where you’ll be camping or if it’s in the city where you’ll be booking a hotel or Airbnb. If it’s the latter, I highly recommend booking as far in advance as possible. Hotel rates increase when there’s an event happening and prices go up the longer you wait.

Airbnb’s also get booked up quickly!

If you’ve never used Airbnb before, you can use my link for $40 off here.

If you like to travel solo, festivals are amazing because people are generally happy and welcoming for you to join their crew. If you’re trying to find a squad to join, try creating an account on the app Radiate. It’s a huge music festival forum where people write tons of useful info on whichever event you’re attending, resell tickets/wristbands, and give insight on the security + vibe at the fest. It’s honestly a super useful resource for any festival goer.

Plan your outfits! This is my favorite part. Shop any and everywhere! There are many dedicated rave/festie websites such as iheartraves, Rave with Mi Gente and Little Black Diamond.

Don’t forget a hydration bag!!!! Almost every festival allows you to carry one, even when they have size restrictions on bags. (Always double check through the festival Q&A on their website. You do not want to have to throw away your stuff or worse, wait in the entrance line all over again.)

My fav hydration bags are Vibedration!

Use code “KRIS” to receive a discount on their huge selection of hydration bags, backpacks and fannypacks!

Wear comfortable shoes. I repeat. Wear comfy shoes!!!!

You may see me wear heel booties more often than not, but I have a particular pair that I bought a half size big just to wear to festivals. They are broken in and super comfortable at this point. I prefer wearing booties cause I’m barely 5’2″! Lol.

If you’re not comfortable in a heel I would suggest sneakers (Chucks are perfect) or combat boots that are worn in. Definitely something closed toed as you will be shoulder to shoulder with drunk people at some point or another, and you don’t want your toes stepped on.

Day of the Fest:

Pull out cash!!! Sometimes vendors don’t accept cards and you may need to have money on hand. A lot of festivals allow you to pre-load money on your wristband, which is a convenient option as well.

Spray yourself with sunblock and don’t forget to pack sunglasses, hat, hand sanitizer, and baby wipes! You will thank yourself. Trust me.

Download the app for the music festival if they have one. Most have one. It will have the schedule and the map of the grounds, which you will find extremely useful when trying to navigate. Some festivals are huge and it’s easy to get confused. Use the schedule to plan out the sets you want to see in advance. Nothing is worse than missing out on a set you were dying to see.

Pro tip: one person save the map as their screensaver & another person save the schedule as theirs. It will save you battery! It wouldn’t hurt to pack a small portable charger as well.

Another useful app for your group to download is Fire Chat. This app doesn’t need signal to send messages, it works off Bluetooth. I wouldn’t count on having service during the event due to network congestion, and if someone gets lost it could be your only way to communicate!

At the Fest:

Fill up your hydration pack first and make a point to remember where the water filling stations are. Future you will be eternally grateful.

Be friendly!!!! Talk to the people next to you in the crowd. I’ve made so many friends at music festivals, and it’s so easy to. Music truly brings people together. Even if you’re the most introverted person on the planet, festivals have a way of bringing out the most radiant humans. It won’t take long to realize this for yourself.

Last but not least.

Be happy. Have fun. Let loose.

Is it safe to visit Egypt in 2019?

Probably the first question you think to yourself while considering a visit to arguably the most incredible ancient structures of all time- The Pyramids of Giza.

While I had my moments of hesitation, the Aries moon in me refused to be led by fear. Even after some kind Jordanians warned us of the difference in culture, we were determined to go. We flew into Cairo, Egypt from Amman, Jordan, which was a little over an hour of a flight.

One thing to note: I would not recommend any means of transportation other than Uber while in the city. Uber has created thousands of jobs in Cairo and there is an abundance of drivers on every corner. I would not consider renting a car here by any means- traffic is chaotic 24/7 and “rules of the road” are absolutely disregarded. If you think NYC, LA, or MIA is bad- Cairo is 100x crazier! Uber is also extremely affordable…just a couple dollars for a 10-15 minute ride.

If you’re new to Uber, you can use my sign up code: “kristenm9353ue”

Islam is the predominate religion in Egypt for over 90% of the population, and the main language spoken is Arabic. Islam is fully endorsed by the government and many laws are built around the religion. You’ll hear the prayer call echoing through the city multiple times a day. I would recommend searching the daily times so you know when to expect them! The first usually starts early in the AM, before the sun rises.

Also, it’s common for many Egyptians to speak/read little to no english, so having a translator app helped a bit. Be mindful of using slang terms or lingo- the translations are quite literal.

Visiting the pyramids was first on our itinerary. First we wanted to find the best view of all 3 big pyramids, which led us right to Pizza Hut across the street from the tiny, informal entrance building.

After we had a bite to eat + snapped some photos, we headed across the road and were quickly ushered around by an Arabic man who spoke fluent english + he directed us to the ticket office to purchase a ticket for less than $10.

While waiting at the front of a “line” (which was actually just a bunch of people crowding around the ticket booth waiving money at the man), I was skipped at least 5 times by men, until the usher stepped in and spoke on my behalf. The ticket booth man proceeded to tear off my ticket and hand it back to the usher instead of me.

The feminist in me was fuming, but I knew it was essentially pointless to express my aversion to the disrespect.

It immediately dawned on me that regardless of how independent and self-reliant I am, it didn’t matter here. I was a woman. I wasn’t taken seriously- I wasn’t meant to operate on my own & without a man dictating my every move, I was helpless. *CRINGE*

As much as I find joy in learning about other cultures and diving into them for an experience of my own, I found this to be really, really hard. The culture is much more aggressive than most of us are comfortable with, and they definitely take advantage monetarily if they know you’re American, UK or Australian. When asked where I’m from, I stopped saying America and started responding with “I’m Lebanese” and leaving it at that.

Ironically, I didn’t feel as strongly while I was actually visiting the country. I felt safe. I felt capable. I didn’t feel like any decisions we made while visiting were made out of fear. It was fun exploring and seeing the pyramids in person was as breathtaking as you can imagine.

These feelings came after a lot of reflection once I returned home. Being in such a confined environment, and feeling the pressure to conform or be treated differently was a lot for my psych to handle. I’m a rebel at heart, and after feeling the oppression of women firsthand, so blatantly, on a country wide scale made me compassionate towards the women there.

From what I understand, freedom of religion is guaranteed by the Egyptian constitution, but Islam is the official religion and there is no “separation of church and state” as we experience to some degree in the USA. As I was in Cairo, I tried to open a webpage on “Christianity and Astrology” and was entirely blocked from viewing the post.

It makes me sad and a bit uneasy to know how sheltered many people are living, yet simultaneously grateful for the unlimited resources we have in America to make discoveries on our own and find an identity for ourselves.

Connecting in an unfamiliar world can be done, as difficult to understand as it may be. At the end of the day we are all living and loving and doing our best. I definitely encourage traveling to these areas (ideally with a male, guide, or someone fluent in Arabic) to prevent isolation, educate, and ultimately create connections.

Numbness +

A year ago I was crumbling. If you asked me at the time I probably would have brushed it under the rug and said it’s fine. I’m fine.

What I didn’t realize was how poorly I was dealing with things. My dad’s death (among other things) were buried so deep inside I couldn’t even recognize them, and eventually I couldn’t recognize myself either. The hollow smiles and unspilled tears that settled at the bottom of bottles were feelings I had become comfortable with.

Emptiness and sadness weren’t unfamiliar to me, but I’d be damned if I let myself dwell in them. I was so afraid of falling back into the black hole I had clawed myself out of plenty of times before in my life, that I refused to let myself slip into any emotions I couldn’t control. Instead of working through my pain and being patient with myself, I felt that as long I held it together outwardly- I was making progress.

I was so wrong. Pain has a way of becoming warped when you hold it in. It’s subtle and powerful and will often allow you to think you’re in control.

And then you find yourself warped too. Unrecognizable. Questioning who exactly you are.

There’s a quote I like:

“Unexpressed emotions never die, they just come forth in uglier ways”

Which I was unfortunately finding to be true. I was doing things out of character. I was working for the weekend. Blacking out every single Saturday night and pushing through Sunday Fundays. Week after week.

My energy was so low and eventually it turned into self hatred. I hated how I looked, how I felt. I had no clarity. I was totally disconnected from my true self.

I can’t pinpoint exactly when it happened, but I was subconsciously building a wall around me. To keep my emotions in, or to keep others out? I’m not sure.

I didn’t want to be hard to the world. I desperately wanted to feel normal again. Or to feel again, but it just felt like a concept that was so far away. I was numb.

In a way, icy coldness or fiery anger are both easier to deal with than numbness.

They are outer directed and you might actually have some control over them.

Being numb just is. When you are numb you lack empathy. You lack heartfelt reasoning. People become collateral damage because your indifference is more hurtful than flames or frost.

It took months before I could come to terms with this. It took months of working on myself. Releasing old pain. Forgiving myself. Forgiving others. But mostly just focusing on who I knew I wanted to be and aligning myself to that.

Self development has always been a big part of who I am, but I learned (yet again) that the strongest lessons we take home with us are the ones we walk ourselves through and out of. We can read page after page of someone else’s life, but the lessons don’t truly resonate until we’re the ones putting out our own internal fires.

I had dog eared a page titled Numbness in a Rupi Kuar book. I found it today and reread it.

Reading it was so sad. Not because I could relate, but because at one point I did. There was a moment in time where I was so broken… I read this poem and identified with it so strongly that I marked it.

I had to read it twice before the memory of when I bookmarked it came back to me. Then it all flooded back in…

More than anything I feel relieved. To stand in a moment of time and feel the distance between who I was and who I am is powerful and humbling.

As days pass we don’t see change.

As months pass we feel change in what we see as microscopic increments.

But in the space of a year, the difference feels monumental.

Never doubt yourself when working towards anything. Ever. Those microscopic decisions pile up and eventually they’ll take you where you need to be. Just don’t stop. Be patient with yourself. Be gentle with yourself. Seek growth.

Current Book Recommendations+

I want to share some of my recent reads through 2018. These are some of my favorites- they are relatable, honest and encouraging. I highly recommend every twentysomething pick some of these up- they contain guidance from specialists, professionals and intuitives in ways most people don’t have access to.

There are many things I wish I knew a long time ago, but I feel the best way to open doors to personal and external transformation is through learning from more experienced people- who are relatable.

I listed these in order of recommendation. So if you’re not sure where to start, begin at the top and work your way down the list! Click the titles to purchase and comment your thoughts on any of these! I’d love your feedack!

The Defining Decade

Girl Wash Your Face

The One Thing

the one thing book

The Universe Has Your Back

Living in the Light

Best Home Air Purifier +

Being the Virgo I am, I’m overly conscious of random health issues. I’ve had an air purifier in my room for years + I highly recommend everyone have one in their home- or at the very least in their bedroom.

Air purifiers help remove dust, allergens and other gunk from the air- so that means if you have any type of allergies this will help you!

I’ve carried my air purifier from place to place as I’ve moved and changed the filter regularly (as needed). Mine comes with two filters – the main one inside that removes at least 99.97% of common household particles, which lasts 2+ years and the prefilter which traps large air particles, lasts a few months.

After moving into my current (and terribly old) apartment, I put in brand new filters. Granted, I allow mine to run 24/7 and keep it on the “allergen” setting to minimize dustiness and also since I have two cats running around.

This is what I pulled out of my purifier after 8 MONTHS in our new place!!!!


Left – old

Right – unused

This filter is supposed to last TWO years and it’s clearly disgusting & needed replacing after 8 months!!! Lol.

You never know what’s in the air you’re breathing and what kind of dust your home collects- especially if your home is older!

This is the air purifier I use!

I’ve had this Honeywell one for 5+ years and it still works great. (if you can’t tell by the photo!)

Here’s the correct pre filter and here’s the correct HEPA filter.

Let me know how this air purifier works for you!!

Screen Shot 2018-08-16 at 12.33.29 AM


The Lollapalooza 2018 Experience +


Lollapalooza is a huge festival held in various countries around the world. It was created in America 1991, running yearly until 1997, and then later on revived in 2003. The tickets sell out extremely fast- the festival hosts almost half a million people over the span of 4 days. We attended this year where it was held at Grant Park in Chicago.

The venue is large and beautiful, CLEAN, and relatively easy to navigate once you memorize the rectangular layout.


Lollapalooza- Lolla for short- is known for being a multi-genre fest. With everything from alternative rock + heavy metal, to hip-hop and EDM, there’s truly something for everyone. Here’s the 2018 lineup:


Lolla is an ALL age event. This is something to be noted for people who are used to raving or are regular festival attendees. Although it’s jam-packed with college kids and at times felt like a massive frat party, I’d still say it maintained a PG13 vibe. If your college days are over, consider upgrading to VIP to stay away from the younger crowd.


Think less boho than Coachella and less ravey than EDC. 95% of people kept simple and comfy in a crop top with denim shorts. Don’t forget festival safe footwear (i.e. boots so your toes don’t get stepped on, broken in converse you don’t mind getting dirty) and a hat. Cute but practical. Chicago is surprisingly hot during the day. It didn’t get too cool at night, so I wasn’t worried about carrying a jacket. Regardless, be sure to check the weather in advance. Camelbacks + Vibedration bags are welcome- I highly recommend carrying one at any festival!

Use this link to buy my favorite hydration bags! Or use code KRIS at checkout.

DAY 1.

top- east n west label purchased from dolls kill

shorts- forever 21

kimono- dolls kill

shoes- converse high tops


DAY 2.

top- dolls kill

bottoms- club exx

fanny pack- vibedration

boots- steve madden


DAY 3.

top and shorts- club exx

bra- dolls kill

boots- forever 21

belt- missguided


DAY 4.

top- windsor

shorts- vintage

belt- asos

boots- steve madden


I hope some of my outfits inspire you to have fun dressing up if you’re a festival goer! Most of my gently used festival items can be found for resale on my Poshmark account here. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below!

Until our next fest!

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2 Hacks That Changed The Curly Hair Game +

When I was little my hair was unmanageable. It was a nightmare…even my parents had no clue how to style my curls. It was through a lot of trial and error I have discovered some great products, (find my favorites here.) techniques, but most importantly these

two hair hacks.


1. Use a microfiber towel.

DevaCurl makes one I love because of how big it is. Most I’ve seen are relatively small, and let’s be real- most of us curly girls have a ton of hair. It completely twists around your head and tucks in for when you hop out of the shower!

Click to purchase: DevaCurl Microfiber Towel


2. Swap your cotton pillowcases for SILK.

Silk is a much softer material to lay your head on, which helps with hair tangling at night. It also helps to minimize frizz! I also personally feel like these are more comfy than any material I’ve previously had for pillowcases.

Click to purchase: 100% Silk Pillowcase


Once you try these two new hair hacks, you’ll wonder why you never tried them out sooner! Let me know in the comments how these work for you!

Screen Shot 2018-08-16 at 12.33.29 AM

Shaky Beats Music Festival+

Shaky Beats is an EDM music festival held yearly in Atlanta, GA. The second I saw Kygo on the lineup I didn’t blink twice before I purchased my ticket. He is my all-time favorite DJ/artist and was doing a tour for his recent album. Lucky for me, he made a stop at Shaky.

This was my first time attending this festival & I was anticipating it for months! The best part for me (ok well other than the experience itself as a whole) is planning outfits and seeing what I can bring together. Hope you enjoy! Xx

day 1.

outfit details:

black bikini – Windsor

star bodysuit – Dolls Kill

sunnies – Forever 21

boots – Steve Madden





day 2.

outfit details:

face jewels – The Gypsy Shrine

chain bra – Claudia Pink IG: @claudiapink

sequin shorts – Elsie & Fred

boots – Forever 21



day 3.

outfit details:

choker – Topshop

nude bikini – Asos

mesh crop – For Love and Lemons

kimono – Pacsun

boots – Agaci’






I hope some of my outfits inspire you to have fun dressing up if you’re a festival goer! Most of my festival items can be found for resale on my Poshmark account here. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below!

Until next fest!

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Me vs The Keto Diet +

If you follow me on Instagram, then you’ve probably seen me post various foods and drinks that have been sustaining me through The Keto Era.

If you’ve heard of Keto but don’t know what it entails, or if you’ve never heard of it at all, here’s a quick run through (minus all the sciencey stuff):

  • There are many purposes for this diet, depending on your goals or dietary needs
  • Keto forces your body into burning and breaking down fats instead of carbs
  • The diet “formula” is low carb / high fat (LCHF)

Facts about my specific diet:

  • I started Keto to help regulate my body’s insulin sensitivity
  • My daily macros were 5% Carbohydrates, 65% fats, 30% protein
  • My calorie intake ranged anywhere from 1300-1800
  • I workout (lifting and mild cardio) 4-6 times a week
  • I started at 116 lbs with a moderate goal to shed weight (5’2″)

So when I first heard my best friend was doing Keto at the direction of her husband who is a personal trainer, I literally laughed because I never in my life thought I would be capable of that kind of monumental self-discipline. After asking 6572680 questions like I tend to do with anything that sparks my interest, I found out it was a lot easier to do than I had thought.

That’s why I’m here- to bring awareness to this temporary lifestyle so you can make the decision if it’s the right option for you.

anyways, sign me up!

I was set to do Keto for two weeks. No ice cream for twooooooo weeeks?! Yeah trust me, I complained every single day. I

Starting off day 1- I was LIT. Honestly, it felt like I drank 8 shots of espresso and took an Adderall at once. I was weirdly hyper and energetic and distinctly remember saying “OMG THIS IS GREAT I feel fine Keto isn’t even bad” In reality, my survival instincts had probably kicked in since I hadn’t had one gram of sugar all day, & I was likely just running off adrenaline.

Day 2/3- Worst headache everrrrr. My brain was foggy. My whole body was exhausted. I felt like I had run around Disney World all day long, then finished the night by fighting Mike Tyson. Seriously, all I did was have a normal day at work.

Day 4/5/6/7- My brain is foggy, but no one’s hair is getting messed up at work… So that’s a good sign. I am a functioning human being again. I’m also an emotional zombie. The only things I can react to normally are humorous and lighthearted- anything with emotional depth I am completely unresponsive to. Also to note, I’m feeling wildly depressed for these few days. (carbs/sugar produce serotonin in your brain.) GIVE ME THE DAMN ICE CREAM. I can’t even eat my feelings if I wanted to!!!!!

Day 8 & up – I am feeling kind of energetically normal again! Wooooo. I am definitely drinking lots of coffee throughout the day and I’m making it to the gym. I did feel like I wasn’t completely able to give 100% during all of my workouts, mainly because of slight fogginess and lack of focus. But I’m there and that’s half the battle!

After I got off the diet – I have SO. MUCH. ENERGY. I stayed around 50 carbs for the first few days so my body can re-adjust, but my mental clarity is peaking. My body is using carbs for energy again and I’m definitely feeling electrified (or hyper, whatever you wanna call it) the first thing I did was go to Whole Food and get some Enlightened birthday cake ice cream. Nom nom. It has 15g carbs per half cup and my heart was honestly melting as fast as the ice cream I was eating, so I’m not sure how I even managed to regulate myself lol.

Doing Keto was nowhere near as difficult as I had imagined. It was energetically draining as my body got adjusted to such a huge diet change, but there are so many brands and foods available so you’re not binging on cheese and regretting it later, like me.

I’d like to share with you guys some companies I really love that can help you achieve your Keto goals!

Keep reading for the yums.

Jetpack Nutrition made it MASSIVELY easy for me to survive during The Keto Era. If you’re in Jacksonville, Fl they’re a meal prep company that is able to deliver you fresh & delicious food- they customized my plan to meet my macros. Their Instagram is @JetpackNutrition. If you’re not in Jax, just google search meal prep companies and see what’s available near you!

No Cow is a glutenfreesoyfreenondairynonGMOno sugaraddedvegan company who make protein cookies! I tried out some of the peanut butter and the double chocolate cookies and they’re delish!

Perfect Keto creates quite a variety of products that are specifically targeted to help you meet your macros on Keto. Their MCT oil powder is innovative and NECESSARY to help maintain energy levels throughout your day. They also carry softgels + pure MCT oil. One of their items I like specifically though is the Matcha Latte MCT Oil Powder. It’s perfect to mix in your morning coffee (or smoothie!) Shop with them HERE.

Legendary Foods makes lots of yummy peanut and almond butters- but not in the traditional boring flavors. They have everything from Chocolate PB to Pecan Pie flavored! Those are the two I chose because they have the lowest carb content for Keto. When you’re not counting macros, they have so many other mouthwatering options to try out!!

Daily Harvest BLEW MY MIND! Seriously, every flavor or food I purchased was so delicious. The company has a lot of options tailored to dietary needs including Keto, low carb, low fat, low calorie, vegan, gluten free etc. so even when you’re not dieting you can enjoy these! I very highly recommend this company. You can use my link to try them out yourself + they’ll give you THREE free cups. Click here for your life to change.

Cave Fat Packs are awesome because they also help you meet your macros by helping you add more fat into or in between your meals. Whether you eat it straight from the pouch, or add to your coffee/smoothie, these are really convenient and a great option for busy people!!

Keto Kookie makes cookies (obviously LOL) that will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth. Although there is 16-21g carbs per 2 cookies, one definitely won’t throw your macros off. Double chocolate is my favorite flavor!

Welp that wraps up my experience from doing Keto. I will definitely be doing this diet again in the near future + also incorporating a weekly low carb day. Now knowing how many foods and options are available to assist you in meeting macros and help stay away from eating the same foods over and over and over, Keto will definitely be easier to conquer!

I’m so glad so many people had so many questions & some even joined me on this journey! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out by commenting or through DM on Instagram!

My Favorite Way to Save Money +

So random topic but I had multiple people message me about the expenses for my 3 week long trip + straight up even ask me how I afforded it LOL. I am usually a pretty open book, so no I don’t think that’s rude in any way. (We all work our asses off + we all should want to aim higher for ourselves!)

I’m not rich guys, but I’m pretty decent with money management. So I just wanted to share an app I use that has intrigued me from the get-go!

It’s called Acorns.

Click here to get started!!

There’s a million apps out there to help you save money but I highly recommend this one first and foremost.

I’ve been using it since October 2016 + started it by simply linking my credit & debit cards to save roundups. Eventually I multiplied my roundups x2 (so doubling the amount) and then started automatically transferring $5 a week. The funds being moved are so small you literally don’t even notice, and it’s nice to check it every month or so and see your account grow.

What separates this app from most others is that instead of your hard earned money just lingering in an account, it actually turns around and invests it- aka the hard work is done for ya. All through the app. You also have the choice on how risky you wanna get with your money. The longer you use the app, the more money you’re building + sitting on, which means the more you have a chance to earn!

They have a $5 referral bonus, (for you and the new investor) so when you get your friends to save their first few dollars, you’re winning too! 💸

Use my link to download the app and sign up! And if you guys have any questions about how to do it I’m happy to help as much as possible! 😋

I back this app 100% and this is my personal experience using it. Start investing with Acorns today! Get $5 when you use my invite code:

Click here to save us both $$!

Screen Shot 2018-08-16 at 12.33.29 AM