The Best Wedding Gift Idea +

If you’re anything like me when an event approaches, you can’t settle for something on the registry that may have already been purchased for the lovely bride and groom.

I like to customize things for others because it feels a little more personal + thoughtful, which usually will make anyone feel special. And that’s what you want to do when there is a huge event for someone!

So my cousin got married + I obviously wanted to give them something that would last a long time, as well as regularly be used….and what can’t you go wrong with? WINE.

Thanksgiving? Wine.

Valentines Day? Rosé.

Christmas?? Wine.

New Year’s Eve? Pop open a bottle.

Traveling? What the hell. Wine.

I ordered a custom wine rack from Robert’s Craft Shop. There are multiple fonts, colors and wood styles to choose from. For me, simple and elegant did it nicely.

Then I went to a few different places to get a few wine bottles I love. In this case, I wanted a variety of colored tops for a variety of types of wine – different flavors suiting different events or holidays.

Hint: If you’re ballin on a budget, Trader Joe’s has some AMAZING wine for under $10!

Once I found bottles in the shape and colors I was looking for, I removed the previous label by soaking the bottles is lukewarm water with baking soda overnight – carefully avoiding the foiled tops.

After cleaning up the bottles, I was ready to put on my new labels which I customized for the newlyweds.

I ordered these sleek and clean looking labels from Pria&co. The shop had great ratings and included a useful guide for picking out bottles + relabeling.

They have a label for any holiday or event you choose.

And voila! Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

You have a beautiful custom gift for the bride + groom you love. Now let’s see if they can make it to each holiday before drinking them all ūüėĚ

Best Home Air Purifier +

Being the Virgo I am, I’m overly conscious of random health issues. I’ve had an air purifier in my room for years + I highly recommend everyone have one in their home- or at the very least in their bedroom.

Air purifiers help remove dust, allergens and other gunk from the air- so that means if you have any type of allergies this will help you!

I’ve carried my air purifier from place to place as I’ve moved and changed the filter regularly (as needed). Mine comes with two filters – the main one inside that removes at least 99.97% of common household particles, which lasts 2+ years and the prefilter which traps large air particles, lasts a few months.

After moving into my current (and terribly old) apartment, I put in brand new filters. Granted, I allow mine to run 24/7 and keep it on the “allergen” setting to minimize dustiness and also since I have two cats running around.

This is what I pulled out of my purifier after 8 MONTHS in our new place!!!!


Left – old

Right – unused

This filter is supposed to last TWO years and it’s clearly disgusting & needed replacing after 8 months!!! Lol.

You never know what’s in the air you’re breathing and what kind of dust your home collects- especially if your home is older!

This is the air purifier I use!

I’ve had this Honeywell one for 5+ years and it still works great. (if you can’t tell by the photo!)

Here’s the correct pre filter¬†and¬†here’s the correct HEPA filter.

Let me know how this air purifier works for you!!

Screen Shot 2018-08-16 at 12.33.29 AM


Wedding Guest Outfit Ideas +





Ahhh getting dressed up for weddings is one of my all-time favorite things to do- I wish I had more friends getting married!! This post was highly requested, so here are some of my current favorite wedding looks. I tried to find dresses that will look flattering on many body types/shapes. If you’re like me and extremely picky- I’m sure you’ll find at least a couple here that’ll suit ya. These are almost all Florida friendly dpending on the time of year!

Looking to spend under $100?

Here are some beautiful dresses that still maintain a look of quality.













Don’t have a strict budget?

These beauties are $100 and up. Typically, if I find myself spending an arm and a leg on a designer dress I can’t live without- I purchase it & resell it on Poshmark!









Fall Favorites +

I’m always trying out new products so I really wanted to put together a post featuring some of my random current favorite things!


book: Girl, Wash Your Face

purchase here!

I had seen so many people post about this book, I finally had to read it myself to see what all the hype was about. Let me tell you, it totally blew my expectations away! It’s extremely relatable and honest- two important factors I consider for me to give a book recommendation.


protein: Arbonne Chocolate

Guys this is LITERALLY the best protein I’ve tried and its 100% vegan. I’ve bought endless amounts of protein brands and flavors- loved some/hated some, but this one by a LONG SHOT is the most delicious. I realized again how much better it is when i tried finishing my tub of old protein + took one sip and dumped it out. I promise. This is it.*

purchase here!


snack: Korean BBQ Chips

My boyfriend Kevin is obsessed with KBBQ, so I found these and bought them for him. While its not my favorite dish, the chips are super yummy…I almost ate his whole bag myself!

purchase here!


supplement: Mind Health

When I’m at work I do my best to focus and give my guests 100% of me, but sometimes it’s just hard. I add my packet of Mind Health to my drink every morning + I’m able to see a significant improvement in mental clarity!*

purchase here!


hair product: DevaCurl Towel

I love this towel because the microfibers prevent your hair from frizzing…and DevaCurl tried 15 different materials until they found the PERFECT one! It’s also hug, which is perfect for girls with long and thick hair.

purchase here!


essential oil: Arbonne Focus Blend

Ahhh this oil scent is so grounding and truly gives me a sense of focus. I pair it with my Mind Health in the AM, putting it on my wrists and behind my ears. I also use it before the gym to help with mind-muscle connection.*

purchase here!


shoes: Adidas NMDs

The comfiest shoes EVER! They changed the game for me when I wear them doing cardio or leg day. There’s so much support it feels like you’re walking on a cloud. The price tag is 100% justified! These are simple black but with cute pink detailing.

purchase similar here!

eye mask

face mask: Arbonne Gel Eye Masks

These babies are golddddd. Literally. They’re gold masks. I like to keep them in the fridge and pop them under my eyes either first thing in the morning or before I go to sleep. They allow my skin to look fresh and bright instead of showing how sleepy I actually am!*

*I recommend becoming a preferred customer from Arbonne to get a huge discount

purchase here!


sports bra: Nike Seamless

When I was at the store I only grabbed one of these and have been regretting it since! This is the comfiest sports bra ever and even though it says “light”, I’d still say it gives medium support. I’m normally a small, but I had to size up and get a medium- they run somewhat small!

purchase here!

Yay I can’t wait for you guys to try out these products and I hope you love them as much as I do. If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment!

salon letter board ideas, no bad hair days

Studio Salon Hacks +

If you’re in a private studio, salon loft, or even just beginning as a salon owner, I’m sure you’re trying to do everything as efficiently as possible. Maximizing space is essential while working in a smaller area, but keeping a workspace organized and clean when it gets easily messy is crucial.

Here are some easy ideas I’ve implemented throughout my career as a stylist that¬†make my job go a little more smoothly:

1. Two words: Rubber. Broom.

Let’s face it- we sweep multiple times a day and no matter how thoroughly we do, THERE IS STILL HAIR.

The hands-down best purchase you will make for your salon is this broom. The hair is completely up the first time you sweep over an area. It makes cleaning the salon 1000x faster!


2. It’s 2018. Get an Eye-Vac.

Ditch the dustpan and quit working harder than you have to. Eye Vac¬†quietly sits in the corner until you sweep your pile of hair in front of it. Then VRROOOOM. The hair is gone. I recommend the larger size so you’re not stuck emptying it too often.¬†Buy my vacuum here.


3. Voila- Framar Foil Dispenser.

Framar creates many a wonderful tool for the modern everyday stylist- but the one I just can’t live without is my foil dispenser. You can create whatever size foil you need to customize your client’s hair. I started off purchasing the small one but after a couple years, I upgraded to the larger. The large dispenser holds more foil – so less hassle of replacing the empty roll regularly. Here’s the dispenser¬†and¬†this is my favorite fun foil to use.


4. Get more organized by LABELING.

If you use Redken Shades EQ, Joico Lumishine¬†Demi, PM Shines, or any gel toner in a 2 oz bottle, the best way to organize them is to get at least 3¬†small bins like these¬†and separate them into warm, neutral, and cool tones. Then to get even fancier, get a¬†metallic Sharpie like these, and write the shade on top. Once you throw them in the bin it’s easier to find what you’re looking for and they don’t topple over.


5. Shears are expensive- why not decorate with them?

Instead of throwing your expensive tools in a drawer, utilize your wall space. I like to hang mine up with a¬†magnetic knife strip.¬†¬†This way they’re proudly on display and easily accessible.


6. You can never market too much.

I like to create a positive atmosphere in my loft by putting quirky, funny, or motivating quotes on a letter board. This is perfect for advertising any specials or discounts your business is offering!


7. Keepin it cohesive.

Backbar gets messy. Real messy. If you have shampoo bottles from a light colored brand it’s hard not to notice the color stains all over them. I replaced mine with these¬†amber glass bottles.¬†The 32oz holds most shampoo and conditioners. I also like to use 16oz bottles for my deep conditioner and Olaplex no. 2.¬†Here are the smaller bottles.¬†They’re quick and easy to wipe down at the end of the day.


8. Make your own magic.

Keeping a few Magic Erasers in the salon will definitely come in handy. When color gets virtually everywhere, it helps to remove the stains!

Have any other useful ideas you want to share? Leave a comment below!

Want more info about my private studio? Check out my website here.

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12th Tribe Review +

I’ve always been a fan of 12th tribe, so I highly anticipated getting my subscription box in the mail. They are my favorite online boutique and I’ve personally always identified with their brand. I ordered their¬†subscription box and I’m truly loving it!

For all your 12th tribe orders, you can click here to save 10%!

So what’s in the box?:

  • A black cropped long sleeve top
  • 2 pair of earrings
  • A woven clutch
  • Round sunglasses
  • 12th Tribe Popsocket

The quality of each of the items I bought is extremely good- I would say the boutique’s price point is fitting. The cut of the tee is fitted and flattering.

I adored the earrings, they’re lightweight and comfortable if you’re not a huge earring girl like me. The sunnies were okay/decent quality, but they are definitely on trend, so I’ll probably be wearing them all over! (I hate spending a lot of money on sunglasses anyway, because I have a horrible habit of losing them and scratching them!!)


My favorite item was absolutely the clutch! It’s beautiful, made very well and is pretty large to carry a bulk of essential items. The cute fluffy tassels are a nice touch too!


I’ll definitely be ordering in bulk from 12th Tribe more.

For all your 12th tribe orders, you can click here to save 10%!

Stay tuned to see what’s in next month’s box!

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My Curly Hair Routine Products +

If you haven’t already seen my tutorial on how I style my curly hair, it’s definitely worth a watch! I go through all of my long-term favorite curly hair products & how I personally use them.

The link to that video is riiiiight HERE.

If you don’t have time to watch it all the way through, here’s a quick recap of my natural curly hair routine products.


1. Moroccan Oil Moisture Repair shampoo + conditioner.

Purchase here.



2. Moroccan Oil Treatment Serum.

Purchase here.



3. Moroccan Oil Curl Defining Cream.

Purchase here.



4. Silicone Diffuser attachment. (Works on most blowdryers)

Purchase here.




5. Tresemme Curl Locking Spray.

Purchase here.



6. Kenra Curl Refresher. (For day 2-48288439 hair)

Purchase here.



If you’re wondering how I use all of these products, then you’ll definitely want to check out my youtube tutorial. I completely walk you through the steps and explain why I love these products!

The links will take you to the product that is being distributed by Amazon. They are directly from the manufacturer & can only be guaranteed when purchased from the manufacturer or a professional salon.


Screen Shot 2018-08-16 at 12.33.29 AM

Christmas Gift Idea for Moms

If you’re like me, every holiday you struggle trying to figure out what to buy for your mom. Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, birthdays, and especially Christmas.

What do you buy the person who already has everything?!


Here’s a simple yet thoughtful gift idea that I was inspired to put together for this Christmas holiday in particular.



  1. The box itself

    I purchased this pretty festive and floral box at Homegoods. There were soOOoOOOo many to choose from, and if you think they’re running low check inside each box- they pile even more inside each other. (Box priced at $7.99)


2. The goodies inside


(From left to right)

  • The light pink box is full of luxury chocolates. I chose this one because it matched the color scheme of the box. I purchased these from Homegoods also! ($7.99)
  • The colored tin foil wrapped bath bombs are from Amazon. You can find them¬†here. They are 100% vegan and created from essential oils. It came as a pack of 6, but I only used the three complementing colors. There is also a $5 off coupon you can apply when checking out! ($19.87 before coupon)
  • The DW Home light pink Koa Wood candle smells AMAZING and also fit the color pallet I was working with. It was from Homegoods as well. ($6.99)
  • Sutter Home can be found almost anywhere that sells wine! I got the mini chardonnay ¬†bottle at Fresh Market. ($3 or less each)
  • Last but not least (my personal favorite item) is the rose petal bath soap. The petals are able to be pulled apart for hand washing or just toss them in a¬†tub to have a luxurious bath. I found this on¬†Amazon. They also sell other beautiful color options as well! ($11.99)

UPDATE: The original petal bath soap is unavailable, so I’ve linked another one¬†HERE.¬†

The skinny tea trio was purchased at Fresh Markett ($15.95)

The festive individual chocolate bars are from Target in the holiday section. (3 for $5)


I hope this inspires you to build your mom a box that is personal and tailored to her individuality! If you have any questions about the items, leave a comment!



How I Got Started in My Industry+

People always ask me if I always knew I wanted to do hair…..THIS ONE

The answer to that is absolutely not. I had NO idea what I wanted to do, or what I cared about- much less found passion in.

I took classes at a community college after high school & cried my way through a math class that wasn’t even worth a college credit. I have ZERO patience for things I’m not 100% dedicated to. I felt like what I was doing was useless- I had no end goal, so disciplining myself to school was impossible to do. & the stress from my impatience wasn’t worth it. So I just quit. I dropped all my classes. I felt like it was a waste of time to study aimlessly when I knew I would never be capable of working a 9-5 and taking orders from someone. It just isn’t in the cards for me.

img_1566After working at Ulta as a cashier and drowning in hair, makeup, skin and nail products, I started trying EVERYTHING. I loved experimenting with new makeup and finding hair products that worked the best. The more I played with all these toys, the more I learned. The more people who came into the store with their own experiences with different items, the more I learned. I talked to my coworkers in the salon there, and also started learning about their side of the industry.

It took me a few months to really decide what direction I wanted to take with my life. (I can be super indecisive, to say the least) Looking back, it was hard to commit to a long-term decision at the time. Present Day Kristen would just tell myself to stop hesitating and go do it.

“Time will pass anyway, you may as well start now.”

img_1948I finally signed up for cosmetology school. I had no intentions of doing hair. None whatsoever. I wanted to focus on makeup. My mom and teacher talked me into going to get my entire cosmo license instead of just doing the shorter program (to be an esthetician). Okay, okay.

“I’m never going to work in a salon though” was my exact response. (LOL)


img_2246To be honest, I thought hairstylists didn’t make much money. Because that’s the reputation society gives us. People spend 4 years working hard in college & make $100,000 a year, and then all us hairstylists do is stand on our feet miserably for 10 hours & make minimum wage.

Halfway through school, I realized I LOVED this job. I loved meeting and educating others, developing countless relationships with people from every walk of life, and having an endless outlet to express my creativity.

It didn’t occur to me that not every choice I made had to be permanent. But if you at least dive in and give it your best shot, you give yourself a chance to love something- and be good at it.


And I think that’s what’s so great. No matter what path you choose, you will reap the results of your efforts. If you put your heart into your job, it won’t be a job anymore. If you find something in life that you are enthusiastic about, find a way to build off of it and earn your income that way. If you love what you do, you will naturally work towards perfecting it, with your own individuality, and success will come to you.

I can’t tell you if hair or makeup is right for you, but I encourage you to try!

I am so thankful to all of my clients who continually show me your loyalty and support by making appointments with me! I am so motivated by the encouragement I get and the positive feedback through social media and in real life. Blessings to you all ‚̧ԳŹ

To see more of my work or to schedule an appointment, please visit my Instagram!

Client do and don’t+

Whether it’s your first time visiting a salon¬†or your thousandth, there are a few things you should know. Some are common sense, but as we all know…. common sense isn’t so common. From booking your appointment to checking out, these little things will make your salon experience all the better. I’ll keep this list as straightforward as possible!

Client do’s

  • Confirm your appointment. Whether by text, phone call, or online- we need your confirmation so we¬†know we can expect you!
  • Come prepared with a couple photos as inspiration for your hair. (Make sure you’re visualizing the HAIR in the picture on YOU. Trust me, we all wish we looked as sexy as Lauren Conrad or JLo)
  • Allow your stylist to offer suggestions outside of your ideas & comfort zone. (You did come to us for our personal opinions and expertise, right? Let us help you live up to your fullest, most beautiful potential!)
  • Ask questions. If you want to know how your stylist is getting your hair from A to B, just ask. It’s our job to know the chemistry behind our products and formulas.
  • TRUST your stylist. We know how valuable your hair is to you- our’s is valuable to us too! We¬†do want you to love your hair as much as we love our job. Trust us. & if you really¬†hate something, it can¬†always be adjusted! So no worries.
  • Tip your girl or guy! Just like in any service industry, hair artist’s accept tips. Thank them for making you obsessed with your hair again!
  • Refer your friends (or randoms!) to us by handing out our business cards. A referral truly is the greatest compliment to any stylist.¬†Make sure they give us your name! Many stylists offer reward programs once you refer a certain number of people. Plus we want to thank you!

Client don’ts

  • Never no show your appointment. Not only is it insanely disrespectful, but it’s a complete waste of our time. We could have spent the 3 hours we booked for your balayage on somebody else- a paying customer who would actually show up.
  • Don’t ask a stylist for their opinion or direction, then run it to another stylist to create. A second opinion is always great, but if you have no intention of booking an appointment while discussing your hair, then it’s rude and shady…and a waste of our time.
  • Don’t tell us how to do our job. We love to hear what you like and hate- that’s how we’re gonna learn your preferences- but sometimes clients think that just because they saw a youtube tutorial or have always done it themselves, they know best. Not always the case. If we listened to your exact instruction, you might end up hating your hair. Let us do what we’ve spent so much time learning to do! (We love it even more when you give us full creative reins)
  • Many stylists are flexible but don’t try to make them feel bad for not being able to “squeeze you in” when you decided last minute to try to book an appointment. Many of us schedule months out in advance. If your hair is important to you, then schedule on your day off, or leave work a little earlier. We’re all¬†working and we all have lives outside of work, so make your appointment within your salon’s operating hours.
  • Don’t bash other stylists (or anyone) to us! Sometimes those people are our friends, and we know every hair artist isn’t perfect. And we don’t think we are! If you dislike something your stylist did, TELL THEM! We are always happy to adjust your tone, tweak your cut, or add a couple lowlights. Nothing is irreversible, so there’s no need to be negative about it! Just be kindly upfront to your hair guru. We don’t want you to hate your hair- or us! Give us a chance to make you love us again!


These are a few of the things we take seriously as hair artist’s in our industry. We are passionate about our jobs, and we want you to feel passionate about your beauty! Every stylist is different and we all have our own personal touch of doing things, but I think most of us can agree to these do and don’ts. If you have any questions or concerns before, during, or after your appointment, don’t hesitate¬†to be open with your hairdresser. Contact them!